In 2019, Inès Leonarduzzi, Founder and President of Digital For The Planet, partnered with Pierre Alain Raphan, deputy from Essonne and doctor in social sciences, to create the project “AI FOR MY PEOPLE”, to give all citizens the chance to understand, control and use AI tools.

"We wanted to carry out a project, made up of citizens, experts, politicians and companies capable of speaking to a wide range of groups.
Freely inspired by the French rap 2000’s group, “For My People”, founded by the artist Kool Shen - a musical trend that characterises our generation - we want to make this controversial, elitist and misunderstood subject, a fluid subject that current generations will master.
If we can not predict the future, at least we will have the resources of all those involved to take part in the project. This is what we think is, from a technological point of view, democracy. The study and understanding of AI should not only concern experts and government think tanks."

Inès Leonarduzzi and Pierre Alain Raphan, from the co-signed tribune in July 2019

To do this, the two co-founders of the project will cloak themselves with French experts to make a tour of France and meet the people, ask them questions, discuss with them and take their “technological pulse ", their desires, their challenges, to roll out tools to help them to prepare for their professional future.

"Everyone has a professional future and many trades will be struck by the I.A and everyone does not have the same expectations of technology. It is essential to get to the heart of the matter and bring everyone together, both economically and politically. Citizens need to be aware of how these technologies impact their lives and act democratically to choose how this will be done."

Inès Leonarduzzi

In July 2019, the collective IA FOR MY PEOPLE published a study, conducted by the firm Occurrence, "The French face AI" highlighting the level of appetence and understanding of the subject of respondents, their fears and their wishes in terms of support but also the great paradoxes and inequalities that are revealed.

"In the study, we find, for example, that 9 out of 10 French people say they feel comfortable with new technologies and digital technology. Now, as soon as we talk about artificial intelligence, the numbers fall. Suddenly, less than half of the French people think it would be easy to give a definition of AI to a child. Only 6% of the French people have a rather good opinion, women being over-represented in categories of respondents misunderstanding the notion of artificial intelligence and machine learning and having a bad opinion of it. It is a question of fighting against social inequalities but also of gender. There is an urgent need to democratize these subjects, otherwise we will see the same abandoned people and women from small to medium socio-professional categories in the first place."

Inès Leonarduzzi

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