Our NGO does focus its actions toward five goals :

  1. Developing studies and researches. We aim to deliver white papers, global, surgical and feasible recommendations to institutions and future of society stakeholders. We work with engineering consultancy and international research centers such as Stanford University, MIT, Berkeley or CNRS. Our studies, conducted by independent offices we work closely with, are relayed in economical, scientific and mainstream media worldwide.
  2. Building strong and inspiring communities around the world, made by people for the people. We believe in meeting places where people can meet, infuse their ideas of the world and get more keys to develop their way of thinking. Our volunteer heads of community are passionate and dedicated. Most of the time, they already have a job they enjoy. But they wanted to help anyway. They wanted to belong to something we are all concerned about. We thank them very much for their precious help.
  3. Raising an international citizens’ awareness and reflexion about the potential of digital to create the common good. We facilitate conferences at schools, universities and companies, where we spray our knowledge, our discoveries through professors and digital experts speeches.
  1. Federating innovative initiatives, associations, individuals, startup and enterprises who want to innovate for the common good. We advise, accompany and highlight them. Today, we build an international network in clean technologies.
  2. Becoming an independent governance in the sustainable digital innovation watch in guarantying a durable and positive value chaine from the production to consumption, including the expected experience, by the excellence of our labelled processes and certifications.

Digital For The Planet gathers all the stakeholders — either they are citizens, companies or institutions — with a desire to initiate what digital can be tomorrow.

This global initiative starts at the beginning, the discovery. It carries on with the understanding, then the awareness. To end with the call to action.

Our DNA finds its roots in benevolence, positivity, inclusion and positive economy.