DIGITAL FOR THE PLANET is a creative Global Earth Project aimed at developing the digital of tomorrow: reduced carbon impact, inclusive and benefiting as many people as possible. We are convinced that any digital transition goes through that.

We are top-flight researchers, expert engineers, consultants in the most boring , serious firms, technologists who can develop intelligent blockchain networks and create AI modules, with a minimum of AI (yes , we know how to resist the fashions), passionate and experts in bio-inspiration and creatives (because without them, let's remember, no innovation).

With the unconditional support of brilliant people from institutions such as the CNRS, INRIA, Stanford or MIT, when we do not accompany our customers in their digital carbon reduction or their digital ecology strategy, or do not give lectures, we spend our days developing, trying, thinking and building sustainable projects, economically viable, operational even for the less digital-native of us.

Our daily job : to reinvent the human-machine relationship under the prism of sustainable development and social inclusion. By relying on the principles of digital ecology, we reduce significantly and by all means the carbon impact of daily digital infrastructure and uses , at the heart of our businesses but also at the heart of our habits , and help companies to practice, tomorrow, a completely different digital. A digital conscious.


We believe in measurement, poetry and pragmatism. We think technology without direction cannot deliver inclusive nor durable results.

To execute this vision, we develop tested methodologies and pedagogical engineering to accompany corporations and institutions through their breakthroughs.

We go ahead by co-constructed, inspired and operational strategies and implement them based on a quick-wins dynamic. We thing big, we do right.

We identify the most both innovative and expert solutions and actors in every sustainable and technological corporations.

Our network of partners shares our vision, support the vision of a smarter economy, where innovation meet sustainability.

We define sustainability as both resources preservation and people fulfillment. We developed a common framework to build creative, resourceful solutions for economical and societal evolution through circularity and intelligence.

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Mapping of submarine internet cables, The New York Times, 2019.

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