Futur of digital is sustainable.


We think, design and develop technological tools standing for global sustainability.

We continuously gather around our projects some of the most skilled experts in the world of innovative IT development.

Our ultimate goal is to create technology that puts back both human beings and the environment back at the heart of the society.

Our approach is to optimize organizations’ daily efficiency through innovative and sustainable solutions.

Our technology is made for citizens, companies and institutions.

We are very mobile, working on a regular basis outside of the office. In the french countryside, abroad in a beach house or lost in the city center of a foreign city.

It enables us to comprehend creativity differently , see new angles and feel the technology through strangers’ eyes.

Our products and services are available in pilot tests in companies and cities.


The blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record not just financial transactions but virtually everything of value commonly called "token".


Alongside french technologists partners, we developed a new approach of blockchain. A simple and altruist blockchain that reinvents the notion of value.

Thanks to a technology able to turn citizens sustainable behaviors into money, we are able to design a brand new employee and/or citizen experience into companies and cities.

This changes totally our today’s approach of economy. It puts us closer to social inclusion, durability and increases financial metrics.

We currently develop pilot projects with international industries and international cities to create both sustainability development and financial efficiency.


"Hi Plana, how can I be digitally greener today ?"


Plana is a deep-learning typed technology. It is the first vocal assistant (like Siri or Alexa) to accompany citizens’ daily life through their digital uses in order to regulate, in a smart way, our digital impact on the planet.

"Plana will completely revolutionize the relation we have with digital devices. Actually, nothing will change. Except it will be more sustainable, more planet-friendly and it will considerably improve our knowledge about sustainability and technology."
Inès Leonarduzzi, CEO

Plana has educative and entertaining features. It has been inspired by Pixar cartoons ; you know, those that both children and adults enjoy.

Plana technology is aimed to be democratic, people and planet-focused. Plana will be free and diffused worldwide, translated in 3 languages to start : French, English and Chinese.

Plana has been conceived to be GDPR ready.




Based on both open-sourced and home-developed algorithms, our technology is developed by an international corporation of sustainable developers, UX designers and data scientists . We are on a regular basis advised by some of the most brilliant experts in deep-learning technology.

We work with ICT giants to benefit from their open data sources. As you can imagine, we need a tremendous amount of clear and qualified data to reach our goal. Also, we benefit from assistance and help from a dedicated and marvelous team of lawyers and lobbyists we work with to urge publics institutions collaborating with us.

We want Plana to be the first worldwide artificial intelligence full dedicated to what we called ROP2*, return on Planet.

* ROP2 : For innovative ends we need innovative means. We created with our engineers a range of metrics able to highlight how sustainability improves modern economy.


Our first tests and pilots, in autumn 2018, have been beyond expectations.

On a global range of 874 citizens who respond positively to a test, the idea of the product has convinced 86% of the participants. They think it is useful, necessary and positive for the planet.

These adopters tested the beta version (9 use-cases). 93% of these adopters affirm they would use Plana. 51% said they would use Plana on a daily basis . 28% twice a week and 17% on a monthly basis. 4% said it would be useful times to times without no specific regularity, between 2 and 15 times a year.



Plana will be released worldwide as a free full version for citizens. We are planning a collaborative plateforme where people from all around the world can improve Plana, according to very specific and evolutive people uses and needs.


Plana Inc (the name of our technology lab) is working on a corporate version, named Plana Company . It aimed to help companies, in constant and increasing digital transformation, to optimize every specific digital pain points in terms of energy consomption.

In other terms, each employee will have is own ecological “Jarvis-Siri”. The global energetic impact of her/his entire numerical/digital activity — from all her/his devices — will be reduced by an average of 15% to 37% (according to our pilot tests and calculations based on our VO).

We currently work (nov 2018) alongside majors industries and companies to develop pertinent and insightful use cases so we can deliver a very high-end technology with a powerful impact on both energy financial costs and CO2 emissions of each industry.

Contact us to collaborate with us and co-develop your POC as part of your CSR policies management.