To raise a movement, you need people to stand up.


Our NGO does focus its actions toward five goals :

1 — Developing studies and researches. We aim to deliver white papers, global, surgical and feasible recommendations to institutions and future of society stakeholders. We work with engineering consultancy and international research centers such as Stanford University, MIT, Berkeley or CNRS. Our studies, conducted by independent offices we work closely with, are relayed in economical, scientific and mainstream media worldwide. (See our press review)

2 — Building strong and inspiring communities around the world, made by people for the people. We believe in meeting places where people can meet, infuse their ideas of the world and get more keys to develop their way of thinking. Our volunteer heads of community are passionate and dedicated. Most of the time, they already have a job they enjoy. But they wanted to help anyway. They wanted to belong to something we are all concerned about. We thank them very much for their precious help.

3 — Raising an international citizens’ awareness and reflexion about the potential of digital to create the common good. We facilitate conferences at schools, universities and companies, where we spray our knowledge, our discoveries through professors and digital experts speeches.

4 — Federating innovative initiatives, associations, individuals, startup and enterprises who want to innovate for the common good. We advise, accompany and highlight them. Today, we build an international network in clean technologies.

5 — Becoming an independent governance in the sustainable digital innovation watch in guarantying a durable and positive value chaine from the production to consumption, including the expected experience, by the excellence of our labelled processes and certifications.

Digital For The Planet gathers all the stakeholders — either they are citizens, companies or institutions — with a desire to initiate what digital can be tomorrow.

This global initiative starts at the beginning, the discovery. It carries on with the understanding, then the awareness. To end with the call to action.

Our DNA finds its roots in benevolence, positivity, inclusion and positive economy.

Digital For The Planet - movement


Developing the futur of digital.


We think, design and develop technological tools heading for global sustainability*.

We continuously gather around our projects some of the most skilled experts in the world of innovative IT development.

Our ultimate goal is to create technology that put back both human beings and the environment back at the heart of the society project.

Our approach is to optimize organizations’ daily efficiency through innovative and sustainable technology.

Our technology is aimed at citizens, companies and institutions, mainly focused on deep learning and blockchain mechanisms.

We are very mobile, working on a regular basis outside of the office. In the french countryside, abroad in a beach house or lost in the city center of a foreign city. It enables us to comprehend creativity differently, see new angles and feel the technology through strangers’ eyes.

Our products and services are available in pilot tests in company and cities. Contact us for more infos.





We accompany cities and companies in their digital efficiency, on a sustainable way.


We believe in measurement, poetry and pragmatism. We think technology without direction and efficient results.

To execute this vision, we develop tested methodologies and pedagogical engineering to accompany corporations and institutions through their breakthroughs.

We go ahead by co-constructed inspirational and operational strategies and implement them following a quick-wins dynamic. We thing big, we do right.

We identified the most both innovative and expert solutions and actors in every sustainable and technological corporations.

Our network of partners shares our vision, support the vision of a smarter economy, where innovation meet sustainability.

We define sustainability as both resources preservation and people fulfillment. We developed a common framework to build creative, resourceful solutions for economical and societal evolution through circularity and intelligence.

Digital for the planet consulting


Cracking fascinating sustainable breakthroughs


A moonshot, in a technology context, is an ambitious, exploratory and ground-breaking project undertaken without any expectation of near-term profitability or benefit and also, perhaps, without a full investigation of potential risks and benefits. 

The term "Moonshot" derives from the Apollo 11 spaceflight project, which landed the first human on the moon in 1969. "Moonshot" may also reference the earlier phrase "shoot for the moon" meaning aim for a noble target.

Google has adopted the term Moonshot for its most innovative projects, many of which come out of the Google X, the company's semi-secret lab. Google moonshots include a driverless car, a neural network, robots for the manufacturing industry and Project Calico, a life extension project. 

Transforming an innovative idea responding to a global stake into a tangible and operational thing is a high-level sport. That’s why we play it with sprints. Each sprint is a moonshot. 

Our moonshot program focuses on stellar innovation in the spectrum and perfect alignment of global sustainability, human durability and common good. If a technology leaves someone behind, it means it is not smart at all.

To be selected into the moonshot program, a project or proposal must:

  1. Address a huge problem

  2. Able to propose a radical solution

  3. Use breakthrough technology

By gathering a multi-profiles team in a room (from philosophy to coding experts including physicians and sociologists), we developed a drastic methodology that enable us to make a solution emerge the fastest way by disruptive thinking mechanism and ultra-skills gathered together.

On this program, we work with public institutions, global companies, NGOs.

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For each identified [sprint]*, we deploy a 4-steps methodology. Sprints are defined at the matching of a sustainable need and an economic opportunity.

*A [sprint] is a global need we identify.



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