We accompany cities and companies in their digital efficiency, on a sustainable way.


We believe in measurement, poetry and pragmatism. We think technology without direction cannot deliver inclusive nor durable results.

To execute this vision, we develop tested methodologies and pedagogical engineering to accompany corporations and institutions through their breakthroughs.

We go ahead by co-constructed, inspired and operational strategies and implement them based on a quick-wins dynamic. We thing big, we do right.

We identify the most both innovative and expert solutions and actors in every sustainable and technological corporations.

Our network of partners shares our vision, support the vision of a smarter economy, where innovation meet sustainability.

We define sustainability as both resources preservation and people fulfillment. We developed a common framework to build creative, resourceful solutions for economical and societal evolution through circularity and intelligence.

Digital for the planet consulting



LDCC® (Low Digital Carbone Company) is a process developed by Digital For The Planet research and consulting teams to help organizations decrease considerably their numerical CO2 emission.

We range of opportunities areas for LDCC methodology :

  1. ISD architecture and web tools conception

  2. Daily digital process and data management optimization

  3. Re-use principles and circularity management

  4. Carbone compensation

LDCC Methodology - Low Digital Carbone Company