[Inside Digital For The Planet] Meet Elena Stuben, Head of Communities Germany

 Elena Stüben, Head of Communities Germany at Digital For The Planet

Elena Stüben, Head of Communities Germany at Digital For The Planet

Elena, who are you?

I am Elena and I am 22 years old. I was born in Paris with German parents, which gives me a double citizenship. I grew up in Paris and moved to Germany near Stuttgart to study at ESB Business School for two years. Then I joined Neoma Business School in Reims for the two last years of my bachelor.

What is your background?

Today, I have a French-German Double-Degree in International Management. During my studies, I had the opportunity to do two six-month internships. I started working six months in Munich for Georg Jensen, a Danish luxury company creating jewelry and design furniture. Then I worked in Paris at Publicis Conseil as Head of Advertising Assistant.
When I graduated, I decided to take a gap year in order to dedicate time to vocational training, and volunteering. So I started my professional adventure in a digital startup specializing in real estate where I was in charge of expanding the brand in France ; it basically consisted in customer acquisition, marketing, analytical researches, market researches, aso... It was a very interesting experience.

Since October 2018, I joined as Category Manager Associate an American E-commerce platform, Wayfair, specialized in furnishing and interior design. It consists in managing a product category with its suppliers: communication, image standards, promotion and defining strategies to develop sales. This is my first fixed-term contract that will last 9 months. I am prospecting in parallel masters of different schools that I have selected for September 2019. I have a strong preference for the CEMS program in International Management — I would like to start at FGV, which is a school in Sao Paulo, known as the best school in Latin America.

What brings you to Digital For The Planet ?

I discovered this initiative for the first time on social networks — on LinkedIn, to be more accurate. After my mother told me about it, because she had found this project new and topical, I started browsing articles in the media and found that it was a great idea, that the project exactly met the current needs of digital.

Even me and despite of my sustainable values, I had not thought of all the damaging effects that digital could have on the planet. It fascinated me, so I began to learn all the citizen actions that can be applied daily to start acting, including through the various infographics that were published on the site of Digital For The Planet. Now I delete all my spams and my e-trash, so I have a mailbox more airy. Also, what interested me a lot was the fact that it was the first worldwide initiative that was gaining momentum on the topic. It was just starting and I found it exciting to be part of it from the start.

What is you role inside the global Earth project?

As I read papers on media, I realized that they were mainly written in French or English and that this could be restrictive for people who only speak German. Even if German people are very good at English-speaking, it's always more impactful to read things in their mother tongue. That's how I contacted Inès, the founder of the project, to offer my collaboration and develop the concept in the German community. Hence my position today as Head of Community Germany.

It consists in…

The first goal is to create a citizen awakening on the matter of digital pollution and its solution that we develop under different prisms, which we name “digital ecology”. This involves creating a committed citizen community. For this, I created a German Facebook page and animates some of the project's social networks in German. My job will then be to meet the organizations and stakeholders on the topics of ecology to give more scope and voice to our work. The German media, as has been done in France, must seize this topic: in this direction, my mission will be to bring to their attention what we do. Finally, the education component is very important at Digital For The Planet. Two populations are more fragile than the others: younger generations and companies, which is why my job also consists in creating partnerships with companies and schools in the Rhine, organize events... Community also includes digital experts and their  ecosystem. As we develop in Paris innovative technologies, it is about including German environmentalists and developers and put them in touch with the HQ to collaborate together. This is the DNA of a “global Earth project”, this is an augmented version of the startup, a project with tentacles in order to connect and work with everyone and reach the goal faster.

You are a slasher too, then! How do you manage to cumulate two daily activities?

I find it very exciting to manage several things at once, and it's a great challenge for me, which characterizes my state of mind quite well. I am always on the lookout for opportunities and make my daily life stimulating with projects that I like. In addition, I discover lots of new things, I meet lots of people to discuss a topic that has become in less than a year a social and economic priorities. I'm expanding my network, which is a great opportunity. We work close to the management, which is quite enriching in term of vision and strategic skills.