Studies show we are close to the "tipping point". 

This will lead us to what scientists call the climatic bolting, a non-reversible and uncontrollable climate change which ultimately modifies all ecosystems and make the Earth unwelcoming for human beings at the end of this century.


within 200 years, MankinD will have managed to make the masterstroke of overusing 4,5 BILLION years of natural constitution OF EARTH ECOSYSTEMS.  

Still, this report does not seem to modify our behavior in the daily life. Except those who naturally cared about environment or those who have been educated and empowered

Companies have becoMING powerful, sometimes more than some sovereign states. Some of these companies turned to be role models in term of efficiency in their capabilities to constantly reinvent themselves to survive. 

These companies embody the convergent point of billion of people : they ARE the backbone of culture, habits and mentalities.


Beyond REACHING business goals, they do have a social responsibility : educatiNG, leading and giving means to people so they empower themselves and deploy the ability to play a better role as citizens. 

Plus, these companies are perfectly aware that remaining silent will eventually impact their longevity

According TO Brad Smith, CHIEF LEGAL OFFICER AT Microsoft, data centers are about to become the largest eNERGY-consuming community on Earth within the 5 COMING years.

Due to the real estate boom in big cities and the rising of the "not-owner-anymore-but-user" economy, new generations live in smaller spaces and buy less cars.

Though, they cumulate more and more devices (smartphones, tablets, TVS, GPS watchES, ETC...). This immaterial and invisible energy consumption is becoming the new face of pollutioN.

it is about to BE one of the most devastating economy. 

Unless we educate and empower ourselves